12月19 20日托福写作小规模机经思路

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  Talented people’s leadership is born naturally and can’t be learned bypeople.


此题粗心为:领导力是不是为天然生成。乍看此题会觉得较为难以思考,波波教师主张各位选择不附和,即认为leadership is learned bypeople.并在第一段内对leadership进行具体界说为丰厚常识和组织才能。然后下面两段进行具体打开。


分观念一:For starter, a key component of leadership is the abundant expertisepossessed by leaders.(首要,领导力一个重要构成有些就是广博的常识。众所周知,一自个领导才能树立的基础正是常识的累积,而这些常识并非先天获得而是来自于其所受的教育。)

分观念二:In addition, the excellent leadership relies on nothing but theoutstanding organizational skills acquired through practical activities in dailylife. (其次,超卓的领导才能树立在优良的领导才能,而这种才能来历于往常日子中的实习活动。)


  Two people can become good friends even if one of them has more money thanthe other.




【理由一】:树立友谊的根基是彼此尊敬而非物质,否定反方观念的条件,即金钱的差异会让我们无法树立友谊。比方说马克思和恩格斯的比方。(First ofall, mutual respect and understanding establishes the foundation of friendship.In other words, people with different financial background can become friends aslong as they respect and appreciate each other. There are numerous examples thatcan be cited to support my point. A good case in point is the friendship betweenMarx and Engel. As is known to all, Marx was quite poor back then while Engeshas plentiful fortune. The great gap in financial situation never obstructed theformation of their solid friendship. Engels appreciated Max's talent in writingand far-sightedness of his thoughts and generously funded Max to publish hisbooks. Meanwhile, Marx had a high regard for Engels. Therefore, the flower offriendship blossoms in the ground of mutual respect. )

【理由二】经过与有钱的人交兄弟可以咱们获得金钱协助,扩展咱们的交际圈。例如你假定遇到经济困难可以向他们寻求协助。相同,你也可以受他们的聘请去参加一下宴会,知道更多的兄弟。(Bymaking friends with wealthy people, we can gain financial assistance especiallyin emergency and enlarge our social circle. Just imagine that in the process ofrunning a company, you come across the financial problems. Those wealthy friendswill be able to offer you a hand and help you through hard times.)

【结束段】:友谊的树立与金钱无关,是以彼此尊敬为基础的,一起,与有钱人交兄弟有许多优点,所以大约和有钱人家兄弟(the establishing offriendship has nothing to do with how much money one owns. Instead, what reallymatters in making friends is the mutual respect between each other. Meanwhile,we will benefit a lot from making friends with rich people.)


  There is never good reason to be impolite to another person.


标题粗心为:必定没有理由对别人不礼貌。此题内有必定词“never”所以选用不附和来写较为简略,即观念为“From my perspective,always being polite to others is obviously an overstatement.”,后边选择规划为“让步转机”。


让步段: Admittedly, we should be polite to others in most occasions in orderto leave a good impression on others and thus increase the likelihood of gaininghelp.(当然,咱们在大大都情况下大约对别人礼貌,为了可以给别人留下好的形象然后更有可以获得别人的协助。对别人礼貌是自个本质的体现,这抉择了我们是不是情愿与你交兄弟或为你供给协助。)

【转机段】:However, there are some exceptions where we have to be impolite,especially in the case of facing emergency and defending our legimaterights.(可是,有些破例情况,咱们无需对别人礼貌,特别是在面临紧迫作业和保卫合法权力时。)

【结束段】:Taking what has been discussed above into consideration, I believe thatit is an exaggerated statement that there is never good reason to be impolite toothers.


  People often buy products not because they really need them but becau查找引擎优化ther people have them.


此题粗心为:我们购物是出于需要仍是受别人的影响。此题我们看完会觉得不太好思考理由,波波教师主张,选择一种较为特别的写法,即依照人群年纪具体情况具体分析。也就是说,自个观念为the above issue should be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.


【分观念一】:On one hand, young people purchase something because their peers ownit, for the reason that they are not mature enough to form a rationalconsumption habit.(一方面,年青人购物是因为他们的同龄人有了某物,这是因为他们不可老到没有构成理性的花费习气。所以,咱们常常接见会面到许多激动型花费行为(impulsivebuying behaviors)在年青人身上呈现。
12月19 20日托福写作小规模机经思路

【分观念二】On the other hand, elder people purchase goods on the basis of theirown needs, because they are under great financial pressure of supporting afamily and they have mature mind. (另一方面,年长的人买东西处于需要,因为他们面临养家的重压而且心里相对老到。)

【结束段】Judging from the above explanations, we can reach the conclusion thatit depends on the age of customers whether their motive for buying behaviors isout of need or out of vanity.



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