Procrastination 拖延经典句子分享

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  Enough with your toys. 玩具玩够了吧。
  It’s time for cleaning up. 该洗漱了。
  Can I play a bit longer? 我能再玩会儿吗?
  Don’t procrastinate. 别拖延。
  I can make it on time. 我可以准时的。
  Time is up. 时间到了。
  Stop bothering me. 别打扰我了。
  It’s just starting to get fun. 刚变得有意思呢。
  I must think it over, so don’t rush me. 我必须仔细考虑一下,别催我。
  It’s almost bedtime. 快该上床睡觉了。
  Can you stop bugging me? 你能别烦我吗?

  I’m almost done. 我都快(做完)了。
  Stay focused. Don’t dillydally. 别磨蹭,专心点。
  You are wasting time. 你在浪费时间。
  Speed up. 加快速度。
  You are just as slow as a snail. 你简直慢得像个蜗牛。
  You don’t have to rush. 你不需要那么着急的。
  You pushed naptime back this noon. 中午你就推迟了午睡。
  You can’t drag your feet all the time. 不能老拖拖拉拉的。
  Do it right this minute! 现在就做,马上!



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